The tasks, program and strategy of the European Center for Peace and Development arise from the Charter of the United Nations, Charter of the University for Peace, the provisions of the International Agreement on the ECPD Headquarters and its Statute, as well as the resources available to the ECPD. In this regard:

The European Center for Peace and Development defined its basic task: to bring together the intellectual potentials of the East and the West, and the North and the South in the implementation of projects devoted to the promotion of peace, development and international cooperation. In carrying out this task, the ECPD covers the territory of Europe, but it is also open to proposals for cooperation with other parts of the world, as has been demonstrated by the recruitment – apart from numerous experts in different areas from Europe, of leading ECPD experts the USA, Canada, Japan, China, India and other countries, as well as the participation of world – reputed experts from almost all continents in numerous scientific meetings organized by the ECPD;