The vision of Nordic Integrative Medicine (NIM) is to create a NIM Center for Integrative Health and Research, a multidimensional green healthcare model for Scandinavia and Europe that combines cutting-edge, technologically advanced diagnostics with compassionate, integrated patient-centered care, which upholds the highest ecologically sustainable environmental standards while keeping a sharp focus on the patient’s mindfulbody™

Our collective aim is to relieve the suffering experienced by patients and empower people and their family members to act on their own recovery, disease prevention, and wellbeing.

NIM will execute their vision through the leadership of the NIM Foundation that serves the wellbeing of the greater public throughout the Nordic regions by fostering a comprehensive collaboration of Integrative Medicine (IM) practitioners and researchers, who are leaders in their field.

NIM will be established as a public-private venture that is comprised of two distinct entities: a Danish non-profit foundation (NIM Foundation) and a Danish private corporation (NIM Center). Both entities will provide a context in which collaboration between academic research institutes and IM practitioners can flourish.

The first initiatives of the NIM Foundation are:
• NIM successfully hosted the premiere Global Summit on Integrative Medicine and Healthcare, in Greater Copenhagen,  September 25 – 27th, 2015
• NIM continues to educate, advocate, empower and build community for Hope and the Advancement of Integrative Medicine via NIM TV, blog and website in order to share patient stories and global information world-wide on the scientific evidence for Integrative Medicine (IM).
• The “start-up” of the premier NIM Center for Integrative Health and Research
• The launching of the premiere NIM Corporate Health Programs.

The 9 foundational pillars of the NIM Centers for Integrative Health and Research are:

NIM Primary Healthcare
NIM Health Coaching
NIM Lifestyle Change Programs
NIM Corporate Health Programs
NIM Pharmacy
NIM Kitchen
NIM Clinical Research
NIM Education
NIM Library