NIM Center for Integrative Health and Research

360˚ Patient-Centered, Integrative Care Catalyzing Sustainable Health for a Flourishing Life.

Our aim is to relieve the suffering experienced by patients and empower people and their family members to act on their own recovery, disease prevention, and wellbeing.

Nordic Integrative Medicine Center will offer patients more time for consultations, a self-empowered partnership with their healthcare practitioners, and a broader and deeper range of scientific evidence-based treatments that are complementary and work together with conventional medicine.

Hi-tech Hi-touch Healthcare
Integrating cutting-edge, technologically advanced scientific evidence-based treatments and upholding the highest ecologically sustainable environmental standards while keeping a sharp focus on the patient’s mindful body™

To read more about our proposal for the premiere Nordic Integrative Medicine Center, click here (PDF).

The 9 foundational pillars of the NIM Center are:

NIM Primary Healthcare
NIM Health Coaching
NIM Lifestyle Change Programs
NIM Corporate Health Programs
NIM Pharmacy
NIM Kitchen
NIM Clinical Research
NIM Education
NIM Library

If you are seeking sustainable organic and biodynamically grown food
within the Capital Region of Copenhagen, Denmark,
Nordic Integrative Medicine highly recommends:

AARSTIDERNE for home delivery of organic produce fresh from their farm plus fish, meat and recipes.

ASA at Torvehallerne, Copenhagen Spice Specialists

BOTTEGA LUIGIA for certified organic herbal teas such as Balance Blend (alkaline) and Chamomile.

DEMETER biodynamic certified produce and products. Look for the Demeter label when you go to the market.

GOURMANDIET for organic gourmet food, especially meats and cheese.

IRMA for home delivery of organic groceries and ecological products.

OMEGN at Torvehallerne for biodynamically grown fresh produce from farms throughout Denmark.