The Vision for a Future NIM Health Center
NIM strives for Integrative Health and Research in Denmark and Scandinavia

360˚ Person-Centered, Integrative Care Catalyzing Sustainable Health for a Flourishing Life.

Our aim is to relieve chronic symptoms through a continuity of integrative healthcare that empowers people and their family members to act on their own recovery, disease prevention, and wellbeing.

Nordic Integrative Medicine is a multidisciplinary healthcare team led by a medical doctor providing integrated person-centered care, a broader and deeper range of evidence-based treatments that work together with conventional medicine.

Learn more about our chronic pain feasibility study in Copenhagen in 2017:  Integrative Health Group Visit (IHGV) Nordic: A Pilot Feasibility Study to Manage People with Chronic Pain in a Nordic Inner-City Medical Clinic

To read more about our proposal for the premiere Nordic Integrative Medicine Center, click here.

Our vision has 9 foundational pillars:

NIM Primary Healthcare
NIM Clinical Research
NIM Corporate Health Programs
NIM Kitchen
NIM Health Coaching
NIM Lifestyle Change Programs
NIM Pharmacy
NIM Education
NIM Library