Den plantebaserede kost/The Plant Based Diet

Thoughts on the environment, ethics and health has recently aroused great interest and curiosity about vegan and plant based diet. While more and more Danes switch meatballs out with bean patties, others ask whether it is healthy to eat only plants. Do vegans get enough protein, is cow’s milk needed for healthy bones, and does soy give breast cancer? And what about fish ??

The book is written as a collaboration between a doctor and a dietician to help the Danes out of the nutrition jungle and conflicting advice. This book provides an understanding of what a healthy diet actually is about and shows how a plant-based diet can prevent and treat arthritis, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, bowel disease and other so-called chronic diseases.

The book examines diet myths, misconceptions about inflammation, antioxidants, saturated fat, insulin resistance and many other hot topics, and of course all the frequently asked questions about plant-based nutrition. In other words, the book provides the knowledge that all should have about how food affects health and disease, so there is no longer any doubt as to what the optimal diet is.

About the authors
Maria Felding is a clinical dietitian, MSc. in clinical nutrition, writer, lecturer and independent practice.

Tobias Schmidt Hansen is a doctor, writer and lecturer. He is an expert in complementary and alternative medicine and has served as an adviser on the National Board of Health in Denmark . Hansen has taken courses with America’s leading natural physician Dr. Andrew Weil and is a patient adviser to the Sclerosis Society Denmark.