Nordic Integrative Medicine – The Art and Science of Healthcare

Cultivating the Way for a Healthcare Landscape that Incorporates Both the Work of Science and the Art of Service

Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Healthcare

Our mission is to catalyze a sustainable future for healthcare that reduces the suffering experienced by patients and their family members and
empowers people to act on their own recovery, disease prevention, and wellbeing in order to create a flourishing life.

Our vision is to become the leading advocate, care-provider and global information resource for patients, caregivers and doctors on the
scientific evidence for Integrative Health and Medicine for the establishment of the NIM Centers for Integrative Health and Research,  an interdisciplinary
green healthcare and preventative research model for Scandinavia and Europe that combines cutting-edge, technologically advanced diagnostics and research tools with
compassionate, integrated person-centered care, which upholds the highest ecological and sustainable environmental standards
while keeping a sharp focus on the patient’s mindfulbody™

Moving Healthcare into Sustainability