Nordic Integrative Medicine – The Art and Science of Healthcare

Cultivating the Way for a Healthcare Landscape that Incorporates Both the Work of Science and the Art of Service

Person-Centered Care​, One Collaborative Team
Primary care physician & certified health practitioners
Develops & implements personalized treatment plans
Discusses and performs comprehensive follow-ups during treatment period
Evidence-Based Therapies, Compassionate-Focused Consultations
Complementary and integrative healthcare
Contributes to the renewal of health and prevention of disease
Helps people learn how to improve their health to gain quality of life

Health Clinic

Moving Healthcare into Sustainability

NIM HealthTrust 360 Clinic
NIM HealthTrust 360 Chronic Pain Program
NIM MissionVision and Initiatives

Clinical Research

Investigating to Gain More Knowledge to Provide People with Better Solutions through Clinical Research.

IHGV Copenhagen Pilot Chronic Pain Study
This study was initiated to provide patients with chronic pain a new way of healthcare that gathers a team of experts who provide pharmaceutical and multidisciplinary modalities of treatment that can work synergistically to improve patients pain and quality of life.