Integrative Health Group Visits (IHGV) Nordic: Interventional RCT Study to Manage Patients with Chronic Pain (Phase I)
see IHGV Pilot Feasibility Study

NIM HealthTrust welcomes you to participate in our IHGV Nordic Chronic Pain Study that offers you an opportunity to receive support from our collaborative team of health practitioners who provide person-centered integrative healthcare consultations in primary care, clinical nutrition, clinical psychology, stress resilience and physical medicine.  Our innovative model incorporates non-pharmacologic strategies and principles of evidence-based complementary and integrative health therapies for the management and reduction of pain and associative symptoms. Our integrative health program includes:

  • Integrative Healthcare Consultations conducted by Danish Medical Doctors (Speciallæge i almen medicin with Fellowship in Integrative Medicine)
  • Integrative Clinical Nutrition Counseling 
  • Integrative Clinical Psychology based in Compassionate Focused Therapy (CFT) conducted by Licensed Danish Clinical Psychologists
  • Integrative Stress Resilience includes Yoga Alliance E-RYT C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapy and SRAB Music Therapy
  • Integrative Physical Medicine includes SRAB Massage and Acupuncture

NIM HealthTrust Team

Shelley Noble-Letort, PhD NIM Chairman and HealthTrust Program Director, Certified Yoga Therapist
Rupa Shree Appa, PhD NIM HealthTrust Research Director Data Scientist
Louise Pil, MD Speciallæge i almen medicin, Fellowship in Integrative Medicine
Christina Svanholm, MD Speciallæge i almen medicin
Vivian Lord, B.H.K. ND Naturopathic Physician (UK) Naturopath (DK) SRAB Dansk Ernæringsterapeuter og Dansk Heilpraktiker Forening 
Line Malmskov, MSc Cand.mag Musikterapi Neurologist Musikterapeut Specialiseret I Neurorehabilitering
Sarah Reynolds, WABA ABMP SRAB Massage Therapist
TBD Clinical Psychologist
TBD Clinical Acupuncturist