NIM Corporate Health Programs optimize stress resilience and nutritional awareness, which prevent depression and increase work productivity.

Corporations who invest in the health and wellbeing of employees receive long-term economic benefits.

According to Bravewell Collaborative Research, preventative measures focusing on strategies that support health and wellness, such as those found in integrative medicine programs, are successfully decreasing health care costs and suggest a potential long-term economic benefit to corporations because of the decrease in employee ”sick days.”

Our aim is to provide stress resilience, rejuvenation, clarity of mind and high performance. The characteristics of good mental and physical health include strong resilience to stress, constructive coping skills, eating healthfully, and maintaining a balanced work/life schedule that includes the ability to feel creative, be productive at work and lead an enjoyable, sustainable and flourishing life.

For the wellbeing of the corporation and their employees, our focus is:

Return to Health and Work
Resilience to Stress and Depression
Prevention of  Disease

Our intensive lifestyle-change interventional health programs adhere to the principles of Integrative Medicine (IM) that are applied through our NIM Team:

  • Nordic Integrative Medical Doctors
  • Nordic Integrative Health Coaches
  • Nordic Integrative Yoga Therapists
  • Nordic IntegrativeNutritionalTherapists

Our 3 Lifestyle Change Initiatives are:

MindfulBody™ Preventative Health Assessment 

MindfulBody™ Stress Resilience

MindfulBody™ Nutritional Awareness

To download the NIM Corporate Health Program brochure, click here (PDF). In Danish, click here (PDF)