The Center for Integrative Medicine will have its own internal integrative pharmacy providing a place where doctors and health care practitioners can send their patients with prescriptions for complementary and conventional medicines. Currently, Copenhagen has the Pharmacies (Apotek) for pharmaceutical medicines, Helsebutikker for health food products and Matas for cosmetics. The IM Pharmacy will blend the best of both worlds of nature medicine and prescription pharmaceuticals. There are many Pharmacies available to the Copenhagen community, yet many yearn for a one-stop-shop that integrates both complementary and conventional medicines.

The IM Pharmacy will change the way people think about going to the pharmacy. Customers will discover complementary treatment options when they drop off a prescription. On an everyday basis, a licensed Pharmacist trained in complementary medicine as well as a licensed Naturopathist will work together a be available for consultation with the customers, not only about their prescriptive medicine but also complementary medicine and treatments as well as preventive medicine. There will be commitment to provide the best new remedies, products and education about the latest health information.