The answer is Forward, a new healthcare start-up.

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Adrian Aoun, founder of Forward, says the goal of Forward is not to dazzle tech-savvy millennials with cool gadgets but to change the model of primary health care from a “once-and-done” to an ongoing relationship between patient and health care provider, with a heavy emphasis on prevention and wellness. “The things that kill us are not the sore throats and rashes, but rather chronic conditions,” he says.

“We’re building a platform so doctors can touch more and more lives,” says Aoun. “The marginal cost of all this technology is not that high,” he adds. “It’s less than the doctor’s time.”



“Your visit with your doctor is not the end of your physical for the year – it’s a continual process,” says Dr. Aaliya Yaqub, a UCLA and Stanford trained physician who is one of Forward’s first four doctors and who previously worked at Facebook’s in-house clinic.