The NIM Board of Directors was established on January 10, 2013 and acts as a non-liable steering committee that operates legally as a Danish Forening, CVR-nummer: 36587792 entitled Nordic Integrative Medicine Council until 300,000 DKK are raised for the official establishment of the Nordic Integrative Medicine Foundation (NIM Fond). Additionally, NIM is supported by an extensive Nordic and International Advisory Board.

Contributions are welcome to
Nordic Integrative Medicine Council:
Bank: Nykredit 5479
Konto: 0003060826
CVR: 36587792

NIM Executive Board President, Founder and Chairman
Dr. Shelley R. Noble-Letort, PhD (USA/DK)

NIM Executive Board Vice President Mikael Bitsch, MD (DK), overlæge CEKU Rigshospitalet

NIM Executive Board Secretary
Esther Bülow Davidsen (DK/BE), EU Projects and Communication Expert Based in Brussels

NIM Executive Board Treasurer

Executive Assistant to the NIM Executive Board
Katrine Bangsgaard, MSc Global Health, KU (DK)
Executive Assistant to the NIM Research and Development Committee
Janine Ford, LLB, BA(Hons) (NZ/DK)

NIM Director of Corporate and Public Health Strategy Committee
Katrine Bangsgaard, MSc Global Health, KU (DK)

NIM Director of Research and Development Committee
Dr. Rupa Shree Appa, PhD (USA/DK) formerly Principal Scientist at Novo Nordisk,  Advisor on Research and Communications

NIM International Affairs Advisor
Mette Reebirk,  MMD (DK), Reebirk Business and ReGenVillages Stanford University

NIM Legal Advisor (ad hoc)
Erik Rykind-Blarke (DK) Advokat/Senior Attorney, HD (F), eMBA Nordic IBM Danmark

NIM Political Advisor
Bjørn B. Christiansen, MBA (DK), Public Affairs Group

NIM Communications Advisor
Claus Letort (DK), Corporate News EU

NIM Grant Advisor

AZIM Integrative Medicine Fellowship Medical Advisor
Dr. med Lars Kolving Jensen, MD (NO/DK) AZIM-Fellow

IMCC Integreret Sundhed Medical Student Liaison
Astrid Marie Høeg Næraa, BSc Med (DK), National leader of IMCC Integrated Health

Yngre Læge Liasion

Sundhedsstyrelsen Liaison

NIM Nordic Council Representatives:

Chair – Shelley Noble-Letort, PhD, Chairman Nordic Integrative Medicine

Sweden – Torkel Falkenberg, Associate Professor, Research Constellation Leader – Integrative Health Care, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet; Deputy Director – Karolinska Institutet Centre for Social Sustainability; Director – The Charitable Research Foundation I C – The Integrative Care Science Center

Denmark – Dr. Lasse Skovgaard PhD, Scleroseforeningen

Finland – Dr. Peter Zimmermann MD, PhD, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Plusterveys, Nastola Medical Center

Norway – Dr. Silvi Saxer MD, PhD UN ECPD

Iceland – TBD

Greenland – TBD

United Kingdom – Prof. George Lewith, MA, DM, FRCP, MRCGP University of Southampton

Ireland – TBD