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Help patients voices to be heard
to help experts find solutions
to bring health and care back together
in the center of healthcare.


Health and wellbeing are the greatest desires for doctors and their patients, who are confronted with a life-threatening illness. To increase the chances for a healthy life for people suffering from a chronic disease requires a new map to lead an exploration into a new paradigm for health that involves a more compassionate kind of healthcare and innovative economic strategy.
Integrative Health and Medicine is the name for this initiative and it is well underway in the U.S. and Europe, as well as other parts of the world.

Patients have so much to teach us, if only there was enough time to listen to them.
Healthcare has been reduced to merely a 5-15 minutes appointment between doctor and patients.
Consequently, both patients and doctors are suffering.

Our series of documentary short films, “Finding Integrative Health” delivers stories and solutions, in depth and breadth, told from the inside – inside the hearts and minds of patients, doctors, researchers and business leaders – to help people bring health and care back together in the center of healthcare.

FINDING INTEGRATIVE HEALTH reveals the deepest hopes and fears as well as dreams for how each of the interviewees would like to improve the health of their respective country. Short film sequences will show how doctors and complementary health practitioners work together on behalf of the patient.

With additional funding: To educate the viewer, there could be side-stories about the diverse kinds of treatment forms as well as the scientific and historical background, which would include statistics for its cost-effectiveness. The story about the treatment, the scientific facts about them and how they can help patients is revealed in short “informative and visually appealing” film sequences as side-stories. These side-stories will provide an in-depth understanding of each treatment and where they originate from, ie. culture, tradition, history, scientific evidence-based research and statistics on patient outcomes, treatment, and cost-effectiveness.

Our initial films were made possible by a grant from The Weil Foundation to the Nordic Integrative Medicine Council: