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8th European Congress for Integrative Medicine
ECIM 2015 Global Summit on Integrative Medicine and Healthcare

Exploring the Evidence Base for Integrated and Sustainable Research, Healthcare and Workforce for Patients

Greater Copenhagen, Denmark
September 26-27th, 2015

SPECIAL ParallelResearch Session for
MusicMedicine and Music Therapy in Medicine
Scientific Evidence-Based Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations


Thursday, September 24th, 2015


A Nordic Evening: Sibelius, Carl Nielsen, and Per Nørgård
at DR Koncerthuset
with Maestro Michael Schønwandt

Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Danish Radio Live Broadcast

Tickets may be purchased via DR Koncerthuset


Saturday, September 26th, 2015


A Concert Bouquet of Musical Flowers for the Hospital presented by Prof. Lars Ole Bonde, Aalborg University

Supported by the Humanistic Faculty of Aalborg University
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In the form of a ”Hospital Concert” you will hear conference participants and other ”musical agents” from the music medicine/music therapy field sing and play.

Our pianist, Margrethe Langer Bro (DK, Southern Danish Academy of Music) is currently running a PhD project with live music for hematology patients at Odense University Hospital. She will accompany M.D., music therapist Cordula Dietrich (D) in two songs by Gabriel Fauré, and PhD, music therapist Emma O’Brien (AUS) in an aria from an Opera Therapy project, and she will also support music therapist and concert cellist Marie Falk in ”The Swan” by Saint-Saëns. The soloists will also improvise, thus presenting how music in/as therapy may sound in the here-and-now.

Finally, the Danish conductor Frans Rasmussen – a pioneer of the strong choir-for-health movement in the Nordic countries – he may even invite you, the audience, to sing!
The concert will be presented by music therapy Professor Lars Ole Bonde, PhD Expert on Music Therapy at Aalborg University Doctoral Program in Music Therapy

  • Clinicial music therapist & researcher, The Music Therapy Clinic, Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital, Denmark
  • Professor, Center for Music and Health, at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway
  • Clinical supervisor (licensed by the Association of Danish Psychologists)
  • Primary Trainer in the Bonny Method of GIM (AMI endorsed)

MusicMedicine (or Music in Medicine) is the applied use of music itself to alleviate pain, decrease anxiety, foster hope and increase quality of life in hospitalized patients. The music can be specially composed, it can be selected from the enormous repertoire of classical music, or it can be the patient’s preferred music in any style or genre.

Music Therapy is an evidence-based treatment form that systematically uses singing, making music, and active music listening to help people recover, by assisting them in establishing, or re-establishing, physical functioning or psychological meaning, finding hope and enhancing quality of life, or developing resources and opportunities for interaction and communication with others.



Available throughout the Nordic Summit


exploring and experiencing
MusicMedicine and Music Therapy in practice

The Music and Medicine Regenerative Room invites you regenerate yourself at anytime during the Summit to explore and experience MusicMedicine and Music Therapy in practice. You can take a break from the busy day and listen to special playlists in specially arranged settings and for specific clinical purposes; you can try musical chairs and meet a singing doll, or you can free your inner images to classical music in a private Guided Imagery and Music session (30 minutes). Danish music therapists will offer their services throughout the conference.

Demonstrations of music medicine and music therapy in practice:

  • Individual Guided Imagery and Music sessions (30 minutes – sign up for these)
  • Specially composed and selected music for clinical purposes (playlists)
  • Special equipment for listening to music in the hospital (music chairs, sound pillows)
  • The Singing Doll – created to the care of people with dementia
  • The Musical Ambulance – special music equipment and music selections for intensive care

And many other experiences plus information packages.



Featured Presentation by Malcolm Taw, MD Director of Musician Wellness Program UCLA Health Integrative East West Medicine


Click the image below to view the Musician Wellness Program brochure.









Demonstration of Music Star, Therapeutic Music for Ambulances
Lars Rye Bertelsen


An Ambulance Made from Legos

Lego Ambulance