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Shelley Noble-Letort, PhD
Executive Board President
Founder and Chairman
Nordic Integrative Medicine (NIM)
Østerbrogade 94, 1
2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark
Phone: +45 2116 3939
CVR: 35692967

Betaling for NIM Lecture Series eller NIM Konsultation:

Bank: Nykredit 5479
Konto: 0003060826
CVR: 35692967

IBAN: DK1654790003060826

Eller Mobil Pay: 21163939

The NIM Board of Directors was established on January 10, 2012 and acts as a non-liable steering committee that operates legally as a Danish Forening, CVR-nummer: 36587792 entitled Nordic Integrative Medicine Council until 300,000 DKK are raised for the official establishment of the Nordic Integrative Medicine Foundation (NIM Fond).

Contributions are welcome to
Nordic Integrative Medicine Council:
Bank: Nykredit 5479
Konto: 0003060826
CVR: 36587792