The best of conventional and complementary medicine informed by scientific knowledge and implemented through a collaborative healthcare team that recognizes the uniqueness of each patient. Integrative medicine recognizes the body’s profound healing mechanisms and seeks to mitigate barriers to healing by using nutrition, activity, mind-body medicine, and, where appropriate, conventional and complementary therapies.
In the US, Australasia and a few countries in Europe, Integrative Medicine (IM) has become a paradigm shift in the way that primary medical doctors deliver healthcare to patients. IM offers patients more time for consultations, a self-empowered partnership with their healthcare practitioners, and a wider range of scientific evidence based treatments that are complementary to conventional medicine.

Currently, there is an IM Consortium of over 50 academic health centers for integrative medicine established in association with academic hospitals in North America and three major IM centers associated with an European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Europe; CHAMP at Charité University of Berlin, Children’s Clinic for Integrative Medicine at Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam and the Royal London Hospital of Integrated Medicine.