NIM will offer a full range of the highest-quality patient-empowered healthcare that specializes in integrating the best of evidence-based conventional medical care and complementary therapies. Primary care doctors and nurses trained in Integrative Medicine and Health will evaluate each patient’s medical history, including laboratory tests and preventative screenings for chronic disease.

Based on the findings, the doctor, in collaboration with the patient, will outline a treatment plan utilizing the evidence-based treatments that are best suited to the individual needs of the patient. The doctor will in doing so ensure that a patient receives the necessary allopathic medicine and act as gatekeeper between the patient and complementary therapies. All referrals to and prescriptions for complementary therapies will be based on evidence-based research. This ensures the protection of the patients from harmful un-proven therapies.

An example of IM Primary Health Care at the Nordic Integrated Medicine Center: Patients will be followed by an IM Primary Care Physician, trained in Integrative Medicine (IM), who will be the central organizer of the patient’s treatment process and follow up on the patients personalized and integrative treatment strategy.

Patients may be referred to a team of healthcare practitioners such as the Center’s psychologist, physiotherapist, yoga therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, homeopath, nutritionist, exercise expert and other therapists in any combination, and there will be wide opportunity for the various practitioners to confer about the patient’s status and further treatment, thus securing an integral and coherent healing process.

The IM physician is responsible for monitoring the patients continued need for allopathic medicine, and for the de-escalation of the eventually redundant medication as the patient progresses, in close collaboration with the IM pharmacist.

For example, the motivated obese patient with diabetes type 2 and symptoms of depression is provided with an integrated scheme of yoga therapy and exercise, psychologist sessions and light therapy, as well as nutritional counselling in collaboration with the naturopath and IM-pharmacist with regards to the metabolic as well as affective issues.

Gradually, the patient can de-escalate metformin (oral prescriptions), adapt to new eating and exercising habits, lose weight and in parallel to psychological therapy, the patient’s depression lifts and the patient can come gradually off antidepressants, reorient and set new life and health goals with assistance from their IM-coach.

➢ The naturopath integrates various approaches to health and healing, such as TCM, herbal medicine, healing with the natural supplements, nutrition, and different manual and psychological therapy methods, making the naturopath an important collaborative partner to the IM physician in planning and integrating the treatment of each patient.

➢ The IM psychologist will be able to draw upon different forms of cognitive and psychosomatic therapies; amongst these cognitive behavioral therapies, clinical hypnosis, supportive therapeutic conversations and psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), kinesiology and emotional freedom techniques (EFT). EFT is also well suited in the integrative treatment of physical manifestations of stress . The psychologist in collaboration with the physician adapts a therapy combination best suited for a patient with for example anxiety issues, depression or severe stress.

➢ The IM physiotherapist will manage the patients referral to and treatment combination of various manual techniques and therapies, such as chiropractic, naprapathy, body-sds, craniosacral therapy, massage, laser treatment, kinesiology, energy healing, osteopathy, conventional physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises, amongst others.

➢ The different therapists will also be responsible for compiling existing research and information about the efficacy and safety of these treatments and make this information accessible to the public. Relevant research projects will be carried out in collaboration with other clinics, private and public hospitals.